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You want to protect your home properly, and with a quick home insurance quote you can do that without overpaying for good coverage. Quickie Insurance Quotes lets you compare rates on homeowner’s coverage in just three simple steps, so you can make sure you are paying the best rate and get on with enjoying your home! All you have to do to save on your home insurance policy right now is:

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Make Owning your Home More Affordable with a Quick Home Insurance Quote!

There is a lot of focus on saving money on auto policies out there, and you may not realize that you have options when it comes to your home coverage as well. But the fact is that there is no reason at all you should go on overpaying for your home policy. You might not have given as much thought to saving money on your homeowner’s insurance as you have to saving on your auto, but with the current economy, saving everywhere you can is just a smart decision..

Most people select a homeowner’s policy when they purchase their new home. In the midst of dealing with everything that comes with closing on a home purchase, the insurance policy is often the least of your worries. Odds are good you didn’t take much time to shop around, but went with a policy suggested by your real estate agent or mortgage broker or chose to get a policy from your current auto insurance company. You may even have simply taken the first home insurance quote you were offered, not realizing that you could have paid a lot less.

You’re not alone. Although people often put a lot of time and effort into trying to save on auto coverage, they don’t often think about how much they might save on their home coverage. But just like auto insurance, you can shop around for the best rates and save a bundle on your homeowner’s policy. And you don’t have to put a lot of time and effort into it either; Quickie Insurance Quotes can help you compare home insurance quotes in just a few moments with three simple steps.

Just like an auto policy, your homeowner’s rate is based on a number of different factors, but one of the most important is the replacement cost of your home. It’s a common misconception that you need to have your home insured for the market value of the property. The reality is that homes are insured based on how much it would cost to rebuild them from the ground up. Even if your house were to burn to the ground, your land would still be there – and a good portion of the value of your home is in the land. Thus your home policy does not need to cover you for the value of the land, only the structures built on it. When you get a home insurance quote, it should be based on that value – the reconstruction cost – and not the market value. In most cases, market value is much higher than reconstruction cost and it could lead you to pay too much for your coverage.

Every insurance company weighs the factors that go into determining rates differently, so just like with auto you can save a ton of money by shopping around! In just a few minutes you can get a quick home insurance quote and find out just how much you could be saving. That’s money you can put into those renovations you’ve been planning, or new furniture and décor – making your house the home you have dreamed of. You can cover your home for less and put your money into things you enjoy rather than into overpaying for insurance.

Get started on saving money right now with just three steps and find out how much lower your premiums could be. Quickie Insurance Quotes is your key to lowering your rates right now, so don’t delay – get your quotes!

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